K-CEL Corp.

  • KCEL prioritizes the healthy environment in which humans live and coexist.

    Since our establishment in 2015, we have offered a variety of materials and products to environment sectors for humankind to enjoy healthy environment. Our scope of business is mainly related to bad odors and VOCs. We provide the diagnoses of exhaust gases and apply the treatment technologies that can efficiently improve the environment. We also continue to perform R&D for water treatment. Through our continuous research and investment, we promise to become a prominent global leader trusted by customers, with technological prowess in environmental improvement and preservation.
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  • Company Status


    KCEL, Inc.


    industry, whole

    Type of business

    Manufacturing of basic inorganic chemical substances / manufacturing of gas filter products / trade business / chemicals & physico-chemical machinery

  • Possessed Technologies


    · Catalyst manufacturing technology

    · Ceramic honeycomb manufacturing & forming technology

    · Impregnated active carbon manufacturing technology

    · Alumina & zeolite forming technology

    · Odor diagnosis & removal technology

  • Odor diagnosis & removal technology

    · Providing optimal treatment technology through the analysis of exhaust gas characteristics and generation rate

    · Providing precise analysis through on-site measurement using portable measurement equipments and analysis on collection

    · Odor causing substances: NH₃, CH₃ SH, (CH₃) ₃N, H₂S

    · Volatile organic compounds: C6H7, HCHO, CH3CHO

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