Ceramic honeycomb module

K-CEL Corp.

Ceramic honeycomb module

  • Ceramichoneycombmodule
  • Ceramichoneycombmodule
  • Ceramichoneycombmodule


Applied to industrial facilities and duct system to decompose and remove various cooking fumes, oil odors and VOCs through catalytic action

Promoting the development of clean and healthy environment


① Strong deodorizing effect

Achieving highly deodorizing effect with 70-90% of malodorous density reduction rate through excellent adsorption and decomposition of odor-causing elements and mist trap effects

② Long life

Available for long time and continuous use unlike the method of activated carbon by decomposing adsorbed odor-causing elements into odorless or less stinky substances

③ Low pressure loss

Possessing high activation surface area with honeycomb structure and optimal ventilation structure

Contacting effectively with the gases necessary for adsorption and decomposition actions and concurrently efficient in operation due to low air resistance

Purpose of use

  • Restaurants
  • Residential and commercial complex buildings
  • Hospitals and welfare facilities
  • Food processing factories
  • Industrial waste discharge facilities
  • Smoking rooms and food waste treatment facilities

Types of product

K-CV|Filling carbon and removing VOCs

K-CD|Filling carbon and removing substances causing odors

K-HD|Filling honeycomb and removing substances causing odors

K-HV|Filling honeycomb and removing VOCs


Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) - Toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, and more

Odor-causing substance - Hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, trimethylamine, ammonia, and more