K-CEL Corp.

Providing designs customized for 22 types of designated odors and air contaminants such as VOCs and BTX

1. Project for environmental materials and components

Category Type of product Purpose of product

Active carbon

Powdered active carbon

Removal of aldehydes and VOCs

Removal of ammonia and hydrogen sulfides

Removal of odors occurring in daily life

Use for food waste disposer

Antibacterial deodorizing

325mesh powder

8 ~ 30mesh granule

2~5mm pellet

Granule active carbon

Granular active carbon

Impregnated active carbon

Deodorizing filter

Corrugate type

Household appliances including air cleaner and air conditioner

Industrial filters including air conditioner and dust collector

Other customized designs

Odors and VOCs

Ceramic honeycomb type


Metal mesh

Urethane foam & non-woven fabric type


Filling type

Other porous supports

Ceramic honeycomb

Active carbon honeycomb

Refrigerator, bidet and air conditioner

Device for reducing odors and VOCs

Alumina honeycomb

Zeolite honeycomb

SCR honeycomb

Other honeycomb structures

2. Analysis and diagnosis of environment

- Evaluating properties of materials and efficiency

  • 1m3chamberreactor
    1m3 chamber reactor
  • 4m3chmberreactor
    4m3 chmber reactor
  • 50liter,chamber,reactor
    50liter chamber reactor
  • Equipment
    Equipment for evaluating continuous gas activation
  • molding
    Photo of extrusion molding

Evaluating various environmental materials and product performances by using batch and continuous test equipments

Quantitative and qualitative analysis on product (particle size, specific surface area and microstructure)

Evaluating the activation of foul smelling gases and VOCs

3. Sanitation program

- Antiseptic and sterilizing solution containing hypochlorous acid (HOCL)